Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cash for Peerages, Powell to be interviewed again

Just in case you had not heard according to the Times in this article Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair's chief of staff is to be interviewed again, and under caution.

The article also says that the police have passed files on three people it expects to be charged to the Crown prosecution service.

There is also lots of speculation of whether or not the prime minister would resign of one of his aids were charged.

Friends say he won't because being charged is not the same as being guilty, and in any case that might seem like an admission of guilt. Innocent until proven guilty and all that!

Two things are odd. Firstly how come the papers are now full of a running commentary of this on a hit by hit basis, and secondly Tony Blair standing by innocent until proven guilty when it seems that he thinks it is an outdated concept.

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