Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Charity Commission to investigate The Smith Institute

Well it is according to this notice on the Charity Commission's website posted today!

This is the second time the Charity Commission has investigated the Smith Institute as well. No doubt Minitrue will bang on about it being a wing nut plot. We will see.

The Charity Commission's statement says this:
The Charity Commission for England and Wales has opened a formal inquiry into the charity The Smith Institute today.

The decision to open an inquiry was taken in the light of new information we have received which raises concerns about some of the charity’s work.

The scope of the inquiry is to determine whether The Smith Institute is both established and operating as a charity advancing the education of the public in the field of study and research into the economy of the United Kingdom.

The Commission has informed the charity of this decision. The Commission has been and continues to engage with the charity in relation to the issues raised.
Well Guido will be pleased. He has this article on his blog.

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