Thursday, February 15, 2007

Judge slams sham nuclear consultation

Well, I was quite interested to hear that a judge in the High Court has ordered that the consultation over whether or not we should have nuclear power to be done again. In a damming indictment of the process the judge labeled it as amongst other things, misleading, seriously flawed and procedurally unfair.

Tony Blair's reaction? he said:
"this won't affect the policy at all"
So the consultation will come to the same conclusion.

Fantastic. Another sham consultation. I can just see green peace preparing their next Judicial Review as clearly the government has not got the idea that the point of a consultation is to listen, not just provide a forum for whingers which you then ignore.

I wonder how much tax payers money is wasted on these sham consultations?

The BBC has this here.


Ellee said...

I don't think there is any choice about nuclear power as it is the lowest carbon form of energy, we will have to face up to them whether we like them or not.

Ellee said...

Did't quite finish, unless alternatives can be found that are equally low in carbon emissions.

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

I would have thought that by repeating it, more data could be reviewed - sometimes it's helpful to go back and revisit an issue. Like your blog. Michelle

Benedict White said...

Ellee, I presume you mean fossil carbon fuel as opposed to sutainable carbon fuel. Nuclear is one way or another going to end up being subsidised by the tax payer and as such i would prefer the money to be spent on something which does not leave large amounts of highly dangerous waste about.

Dr Michelle Tempest, You would hope so, but as Tony Blair appears to have already announced the result I don't hold out much hope.

Thanks for the kinds words about the blog!