Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lib Dems want to rip flowers up!

Well, almost. Here is the background.

Muster Green is a green in Haywards Heath, legend has it King Harold mustered his troops there on his way to the battle of Hastings. It is a triangular green with a war memorial at its point, and has been a conservation area since 1979. Not only that but it even gets a mention on the Royal Horticultural Society website here.

From spring onwards it gets it's flower beds planted with a colourful display of bedding plants. Looks very good. What is more, as the old flowers die, they are replaced.

Well, apparently that is not what the Liberal Democrats on Haywards Heath Town Council want. They don't want flower beds any more, they want a Shrubbery. Well that is fine for the Knights who say Ni, but frankly for the rest of us it would be a bit dull, a bit like the Liberal Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Isn't there anything more important than this happening?

Benedict White said...

In what sense? That the Lib Dems have nothing better to do, or that I have nothing better to write about?

Well, I am a bit under the weather at the moment so that is my excuse!

paige said...

I got the impression all of these cost cutting exercises were taking place because the admin of the councils were being offered to businesses... Naturally business is going to want to spend less money to make more profit.

And another nicety of England is scrapped for profit!

Didn't hear the Conservatives saying anything about Labour letting German companies acquire British Councils?