Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Big Brother racism row

I have been hearing about the Big Brother racism all day now. I have to say it bores me to tears.

All sorts of politicians feel they have to comment, of which David Cameron's comment as reported by the BBC here:
Answering questions sent in to the BBC he said there was "a great regulator called the off button", adding that people had to "take responsibility".
Mind you all sorts of other politicians have been asked how they feel about it. Gordon Brown is in India, where there are all sorts of protests, and he has had to get involved.

I have just watched a little of Big Brother, as much as I could bear at least. All I saw was Jane Goody being her obnoxious nasty self which is why she got to be famous after losing a Big Brother series.

The shame of it is that it involves a famous Bollywood star, Shilpa Shetty and India seems to be getting upset about possible racism. Well, I have just heard Nick Robinson's report, and if the quotes are correct they are not good.

All this diplomatic row over a couple of chavs on a TV show?

Oh dear.

However it is interesting to note that Gordon Brown ran away from the inflation figures as I wrote about here, he appears to have run into another storm in India.


Ellee said...

It really is a case of making a mountain out of a molehill. There is no way government ministers should get embroiled with this when there are so many other urgent issues that need sorting. I think the media are going to make this story run and run, so you may well find yourself bored for a little while longer yet.

Benedict White said...

Well, I would love to agree with you, but it is making us look a bit bad in India. That I see as a problem.

Personaly I can't stand the program, and if it is on at home, I can get on with blogging.

Snafu said...

Benedict, so what if it makes us look a bit bad in India!

If the equivalent show was filmed in India and someone called Rowan Atkinson a 'dog' or house-mates wondered if they should eat any food he prepared, would anyone in Britain care about it!?! I am sure you would get some morons burning effigies here too!

Would it hurt international relations between Britain and India!?!

Benedict White said...

I take your point snafu.

Mind you I suspect it is jealousy. Shilpa Shetty is naturally good looking whereas jade goody has spent £30,000 on her body to still look like a fat ignorant ugly slapper.