Monday, January 08, 2007

Hammersmith & Fulham to cut council tax

Hammersmith & Fulham council is cutting its council tax by 3%. This is good news for council tax payers as council tax accross London has gone up by 86% since 1997.

Council tax is set to rise across London again this year, so Hammersmith & Fulham are bucking this trend. What is more they are not cutting front line services to do it. Here is what they are cutting:

  • £3 million saved from improved efficiency like contracting out some services and sharing others with other boroughs
  • £5 million from reducing bureaucracy, staff and office costs including cutting political advisers and policy officers.
  • Over £1million from increased income from expanded controlled parking, events and selling advertising space.
  • £3million from getting better value for money from suppliers and from using new IT systems to cut costs.
  • £0.5million from reduced debt payments.
What is impressive is that they are doing this whilst Ken Livingstone is increasing his share of the take.

Well, I suppose if Wandsworth can do it, so can Hammersmith & Fulham.

Of course all this has happened since May 2006 when Hammersmith & Fulham decisively changed hands from Labour to Conservative. We will have to see if central government reduces their grant now they are a Conservative council. Seems to be the way it works elsewhere.

You can also see this interview with Cllr Mark Loveday, Cabinet Member for Strategy on

Update 12:36

I forgot to mention that Hammersmith and Fulham councils website is here, and their press release on the subject is here.


Ellee said...

Yes, exemplary stuff. They sent me an email about it, maybe you had the same one. Let's hope other local authorities follow their lead.

CityUnslicker said...

I am glad to see this in full Benedict.

let us hope it is a torch for others.

Benedict White said...

Elle, yes I suspect I did get the same email. Dizzy has an article on their press office using the new media in innovative ways, here:

Personaly I think it is great!

I agree on the other councils taking their lead, especialy the way they are sharing services to reduce costs with other councils.

Cityunslicker, many thanks. I hope it is a torch for others as well!