Monday, January 22, 2007

Panorama, Polonium and Alexander Litvinenko

Just watched Panorama on the polonium poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko.

It was quite interesting and revealed a few facts I did not know.

For example it looks like a teacup contained the poison, Alexander Litvinenko may have wiped his mouth after drinking it, leaving his hand highly irradiated, as well as everything else he touched.

Also all the people who came into contact with the cup would have been irradiated and spread it about as well.

What I found most interesting was how much they think was used. 4 billion Bequerrels (Bq's). That is an astounding level of radiation. 4 billion decays per second.

But how much Polonium 210 is that?

Well, 27 millionths of a gram. So little you would not even notice it!

Of course Panorama seemed to find a trail back to the Kremlin, no surprise there. I would have though that it would take a very very daft bunch to try that though.

However it is very rare and hard to get hold of. Apparently quite a lot of it comes out of Russia.

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Update 23 january 2007, 01:10

I forgot to mention that Alexander Litvinenko accused Romano Prodi, Italy's Prime minister of being a "KGB agent". Needless to say this has been denied. The Russians presumably would not wish to be associated with any Italian Government.

I understand Romano Prodi has also denied it.

You can read the ITV report here.

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