Friday, January 19, 2007

Cash for Peerages, Canary arrested?

Well, there are rumours gong about on the blogosphere that one of the people I think will "sing like a canary" has not only been arrested again, but charged!

Will she be singing soon?

More details here.

Hat tip to HenryG who tipped this on

Update 15:11

The BBC has this story confirming the arrest of Ruth Turner, but says she was released without charge.

Update 15:34

Some key points which have been added to the story;

Ruth Turner was arrested at home at 6.30, and was then questioned into the afternoon.

She has been arrested in relation to offences under the Honours, Prevention of Abuses act, AND for Perverting the Course of Justice!

She has been released on Police Bail (So they can go and search her home and offices as they please).

The interesting part of the Police statement is :
"As a result of this new development additional investigation will be required before a final file can be submitted to the CPS."
Don't expect this to be over any time soon. Also expect more arrests!

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