Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Rise of Secular Fundamentalism

It seems to me that the gay adoption row is indicative of another force working behind the scenes. That is secular fundamentalism.

As with all fundamentalists they are very absolute in their views, and seem to be forcing their belief system down everyone elses throat. That seems to me as bad as any other form of fundamentalism, because it denies any one else the right to take a different view.

Hence we have this gay adoption row, where apparently there can be no compromise. Well there is on abortions. Doctors who don't want to do abortions for religious reasons don't have to. Is some one planning on changing that?

Then we have the hounding of Ruth Kelly because of her faith. It would seem the secularists don't want someone of strong religious convictions in government.

Is this all not just as bad as saying we can't have gay people in parliament or as ministers?

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