Thursday, January 25, 2007

Is Respect the ghost of Labour's past?

I have just watched Gorgeous George Galloway on BBC News 24's Hard talk. I have to say i find George interesting.

I loath his politics, and disagree with him on many many things, but I also have a strange admiration for the man.

I particularly the way he dealt with his examination in front of a US Senate committee hearing.

However, he claims Respect speaks for millions of people, the people that Labour has forgotten. He claims that he is also hated by Muslim extremists because he draws angry Muslims away from the extremists who would have them be suicide bombers. Well I can believe the last claim at least, as extremist Muslims do not believe in democracy.

George is always good for a quote. When asked if he could rejoin Labour, he said he would never say never, but he would not rejoin under Gordon Brown, as he felt that "Gordon and Tony are two cheeks of the same backside".


He did also claim that Respects website was the busiest. Busiest of what would be the question. I hear the BNP gets huge amounts of traffic and I have not heard of Respect being mentioned in political website traffic reports.

Mind you to geeks like me I find it fascinating that respect has a .org website. As any fool should know .org are reserved for American non profit organisations. The UK equivalent is

Update 00:43

Respect is along with the Stairway to Heaven memorial Group, campaigning for a permenant memorial for 173 people who died on the 3rd of march 1943 trying to get into the shelter at Bethnal Green tube station. I agree.

You can visit Respect's article here, and the Early Day Motion here.


Benedict White said...

Anonymous, I have deleted your post because it may be defamitory, and George is not known for his shynes in court.

If you would like to repost, please do but please choose your wording carefully.

Anonymous said...

George does not deny that he spent $600,000 of money from the Oil For Food programme.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, Well that is better. Do you have a URL for that?

What did he spend it on?

Anonymous said...

It was transferred via Galloways agent Fawaz Zureikat into the account of the Mariam Appeal.
In short, we know it paid for Galloways fights and hotels.
But most of the cash is not accounted for as George sent the accounts to Bagdhad.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, And of course 8cough* it could well have paid for other important charitable work, which can't of course be confirmed or *cough* denied because the accounts are not available for inspection.

Right, just as long as george knows we are not acusing him of anything ;)