Saturday, January 27, 2007

NHS burning our money!

Well, certainly it seems to be hemorrhaging cash on an epic scale. According to this report originally in Friday's Telegraph one NHS trust is asking it's workers to do some days for free or consider taking a sabbatical. The reason is that it needs to reduce it's deficit so that it can pay rich bankers lots of money start a PFI new build hospital. Needless to say some staff are up in arms.

However BBC Radio 4's The Today program has been doing some digging. It seems to have been working on the basis that the NHS has been flooded with cash, so if there is a cash crisis some must have been wasted. It is going to be running stories on NHS waste every say at 7.30 AM next week. it will make interesting listening.

Of course the NHS being in crisis is nothing new. You only have to look at stories like this or this from Dr. Crippen's NHS Blog.

If you have any information on how the NHS is wasting money please Email Me!

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