Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Government spent £206 on IT per man, woman and child last year!

If you don't read Dizzy thinks, you should. He has this article on the subject, and got the £206 by reading carefully between the lines.

Just so as you know, you could have bought a laptop in the PC World* sales for £199 after Christmas, so that is a lot to spend on IT in ONE year!

*Please note, I in absolutely no way recommend any one ever use or buy any thing from PC World.


dizzy said...

the * bit is sooo true. Don't do it unless you're desperate and want technology NOW to satisfy the need for a toy.

Benedict White said...

Many thanks for your supportive comments Dizzy ;)

Timothy said...

Benedict. I'm almost relieved it isn't more...

What really rankles - more than the vast amounts of money siphoned off by consultants, or just as profit, or wasted, or the fact that they never work properly anyway - what really rankles more than any of that is the way that even after all of that the same companies keep on being awarded vast government contracts.

Plus, it's private contractors who are being made fat by this, yet it's really annoying to see the Tories use it to justify yet more outsourcing by rubbishing the civil service with it.

Benedict White said...

Timothy, I tend to agree with you, however I would point out that Cameron has changed tack on this a bit, and further more some private involvement is good, but only some.

On the being relieved bit, I can't cay I am. I am stunned at how much has been spent. It is ridiculous.