Monday, January 15, 2007

MI5 stops leaking information, but continues to spread fear and terror

On Tuesday the 9th of January I wrote this article entitled MI5 and emailing the culture of Fear.

IanP kindly pointed out that there was another story here as well, in that MI5 were sending all the details of people subscribing to the email service unencrypted to a marketing company in the United States. It was also on spyblog.

Well according to this BBC article here the campaign by Spyblog worked and they are at least encrypting the data and don't appear to be sending it to a marketing company.

The issue I am concerned about remains. The fact that MI5 will send out terror alerts by email will be used by all sorts of people including terrorists who will send fake terror reports much like we already get lots of phishing attempts.

The possibilities are endless to those who wan to make mischief of such an ill conceived plan. Perhaps if spyblog drops by, they could point out this rather obvious and stupid flaw in the plan.

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