Thursday, January 18, 2007

Why the NHS pay matters to me

Well, I thought I would pen a quick article because after I wrote this, I found I was linked to by Dr Crippen'sNHS blog in this article. Well, thanks for the link.

What interested me though was this story entitled Arrogant, lazy, over paid and dishonest : the truth about doctors.

It seems that what he took from this article in the Independent was somewhat different from my take. It seems to have got Dr. Crippen's back up because it looks like New labour spinning all the problems of the NHS on lazy useless Doctors.

Lets be clear on this. The contract negotiations that led to this had two parties in it. The first was a lazy useless bunch of arrogant twits, and the second the Doctors. If I remember correctly these deals were negotiated when Dr John Reid was in charge of health. That does not say much for him.

However, paying doctors much more than they were earning is no solution to the woes of the NHS. In many ways each individual hospital has it's own unique problems as well as success areas. What is needed is good forward thinking management, that leads rather than pushes.

I was quite impressed with what Gerry Robinson achieved in his program Can Gerry Robinson save the NHS. Particularly with his budget.

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