Monday, January 22, 2007

Defence spending on 70 year low

Well at least the headline in this article in today's daily Telegraph claims that is the case.

This is measured as a proportion of GDP. We are compared to several other nations in the article including the United States of America.

Frankly I think we can exclude them as a comparison.

However we are spending less than France.

At this point you have to think about the number of "hot" wars we are in compared to France. The answer is two to nil.

We also have vast ongoing commitments in the Falklands, Sierra Leone, and Kosovo.

We need to think carefully. If we are not prepared to spend the money needed then we have to live in a world where the USA acts on it's own. I find that scary.

Mind you, the MOD needs to be fixed. It has not been fit for purpose since the Crimean war. It leaks money and wastes paper on an epic scale.

Sack 'em all I say, and start again.

Many thanks to ChrisD on for the link to the Telegraph article.


Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about paper waste in the MoD, but I do know that their incapable of buying anything sensibly and that a lot of the senior civil servants move too easily to comfy private sector posts in the defence industry. Simply not cricket in my opinion.

Still, apparently, the weather forecast from "our boys" in the Met Office, still a MoD trading fund, is so good that the American's use it in preference to their own! Their reward? A sub-inflation pay rise imposed by Gordon Brown, forecasting jobs cut, and... a visit, later today, by Derek Twigg! The horror!

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, Yes they do, and you are right it has a didgy feel about it.

Interesting comments about the MET. Yes it does a good job and is stratigically important as well.