Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cash for Peerages, Sunday morning update. It gets worse

Well, there are some interesting pieces of news in the Sunday Times here, and Sunday Telegraph here.

According to the Sunday Telegraph the police ended up having to "hack" No 10's computer systems to get the information they felt they were not getting from No 10 itself. (Also hat tip to Iain Dale, who wrote this)

This was before Ruth Turner was arrested. You have to presume that they had very good reason for arresting Miss Turner.

Let us however consider that a bot more. Yates of the Yard was so concerned he was not getting the information it asked for from No 10, that it hacked their computers! What is more, that process seems to have led to an arrest.

It may well be that Ruth Turner is never charged, and we have to start from the assumption that she is innocent, (something Tony Blair would like to change it seems) the fact that a hacking exercise seems to have netted information not voluntarily given speaks volumes about the integrity, or rather lack of it, in Tony Blair's No 10.

This is serious stuff indeed. Many have started comparing this to Watergate, where the cover up did for Nixon, and no one can remember what the robbery was about.

The Sunday Times story covers the war that seems to have broken out between No 10 and Scotland Yard. There are yet more choice quotes from Len Duvall.

Oh, and by the way, Tessa "what Mortgage?" Jowell ought to shut up as well. (Just heard her jabbering away again on News 24).

Update 02:22

The Observer has this on the row over the arrest between No 10 and Scotland Yard.

The interesting thing is that the papers and commentators are picking up on the fact I wrote about yesterday that if you suspect someone of perverting the course of justice, asking them to pop in is no good because they might destroy more evidence before popping in.

The Observer also has some speculation that a group of back benchers may ask (Surely beg?) Tony to leave early.

hat tip tip ChrisD on for the link to the observer story.


chatterbox said...

Thanks for the mention Benedict.
Good article, and like you I think this has now become very serious.

Benedict White said...

That is OK Chatterbox, if you have got a URL you would prefere a link too, I don't mind editing the article.

Yes I also think the seriousness of the situation will start to filter through to people.