Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Brown Bounce in two more polls

The Times carries a poll by Populus and the Independent by Communicate research, both showing the Brown bounce, at just after one month since Gordon Brown took over.

The Times poll has Labour on 39% (+2) Conservatives on 33% (-1) and the Liberal Democrats on 15% (-3). This gives Labour a six point lead around twice what it actually was at the 2005 general election.

The Independent poll has Labour on 37% (+5) Conservatives on 34% (-2) and the Liberal Democrats on 16% (-2). (Communicate research have been changing their methodology so the change figures are not that useful)

Interestingly enough both papers put their own anti Cameron spin on both polls. I will of course put a bit of spin on one of the polls myself, but later.


CROWN said...

The Brown bounce appears to be a switch from Lib Dems back to Labour after a few years defection.

An increase in voters saying that they will definately vote for Labour rather than may vote for Labour is also increasing their vote share at the expense of the other 2.

Benedict White said...

Crown, it is too early to tell what the position in the polls is. I do not think we will know until around September.