Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So what is happening in Sedgefield?

Well, it is very hard to tell. In principle Sedgefield is ultra safe Labour, on a 62% turnout. Labour got 58% of the vote with the Conservatives on 14.4% in second.

This time around as it is a by election of course and maybe the voters feel neglected. The other problem is of course getting the vote out. All of the interest has been in Ealing Southall. However I get to see this You Tube clip of a three way question and answer session with Graham Rob for the Conservatives, Greg Stone for the Liberal Democrats and Phil Wilson for Labour. In some ways interesting. You have to wonder if the place would not benefit enormously from a change of party in control. In fact at the local elections 6 independents got in, and it seems Paul Gittens is carrying their baton on this election.

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