Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Gordon Brown at Prime Ministers Questions

I could only hear the audio and missed the first few minutes, but Gordon Brown does seem to creak under pressure. he was stammering very frequently. I wonder if he will improve?

I was also amused that in answer to one question he claimed he had only been in the job for 5 days! This is in fact his 7th day as PM. Oops. I understand some on his benches did not look happy.

It appears that Gordon is also solidly behind ID cards which is going to mean he can't cream off that many Liberal Democrats. When asked by David Cameron about it, he of course quoted some on the Conservative side who seemed to be in favor, a point Cameron neutralised by pointing out a statement by Douglass Alexander Alistair Darling* the new Chancellor completely against ID cards. Cameron's team know Gordon's game, so will make sure he has Labour quotes against the Labour line on a whole range of issues now.

I liked Ming Campbell's reply to Gordon Brown saying his door was always open to the honourable gentleman to which Ming replied that it "was more of a trapdoor" and there was no evidence of change there.

However all that will be important is how the media report it.

The BBC has this and this on the importance of PMQ's.

*Thanks for the emailed correction, *cough* typo on my part.


CityUnslicker said...

If Brown does not improve, maybe he will scrap PMQ's as 'old-fashoined.'

Blair threatend this before.

You heard it here first.

Benedict White said...

CityUnslicker, Maybe he will or maybe he won't. His problem is that he has not got the political capital to do it.

The media has reached a consensus, Brown bombed.

Anonymous said...

It was rather nice to see the spit swallower struggling and then that nice Mr Reid (Sorry Dr) coming to the rescue. O how we chuckled. Brown bombed but just wait until he really gets his nappy in a twist and loses his temper. Then Dave can really get to him though I thought he did very well yesterday to let Gordo do all his work for him.

Hope that pressure continues on our part time Defence Secretary. The lads and lasses in the Forces are very impressed that they have someone with just one eye on the job.

Oh silly me that make two on the Front Bench with just one eye on the job

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, yes not an impressive performance and the DoS being a part timer? useless.