Monday, July 09, 2007

Conservative campaign in Ealing Southall

I have just been emailed this Youtube clip asking for help in the Conservative campaign in Ealing Southall.

If you can help do so. You can get in touch with the campaign here, and Tony Lit's campaign website is here.

It takes a lot of people and hard graft to win an election, doubly so for a by-election up to and including polling day.

If you can help, sign up and get helping!


Anonymous said...

Benedict, I fail to comprehend your Game.
I have attempted to inject a level of serious discussion, on subjects that are clearly of major importance to the normal citizens of this country, discussion of forces that represent a clear and present danger to this country, right now.
Every time I am faced with your stupid banal answers.
I leave you with links from a battle-front web-site that the Main Stream Media refuse to print, and choose to ignore, rather like you.
Remember, Benedict, the media channel represented by this blog is the future of honest communication, and you are pissing away a superb opportunity to create your own real-estate.
Pajamas Media is a superb product that regularly pisses in the face of MSM and proves correct to do so.
MSM and the idiotic politicians and chattering classes daily loose their credibility, and are rightly described as ass-holes
You have significantly failed to address every single major point that I have raised in the previous few weeks.You have also, significantly failed to condemn terrorism and suicide bombers, when aimed at specific civilian targets. You are false.
And now we get blogs recommending gambling on election outcomes. For fucks sake man, get real
This is my last post on this septic site. If this is the level of debate in english politics then the nation has fallen, and succumbed to the cancer deliberately planted by both political parties over the previous decades!

Benedict White said...

Erik, "Benedict, I fail to comprehend your Game."

It is my blog I will discuss what I like, you are more than welcome to get your own blog and I can help you to do that.

Further more you don't half talk rubbish sometimes. For example you said that Lebanon had a 60% Christian population and now it has a 60% Muslim one.

Both figures are tosh. For a start where did you get your numbers from? When I was there the situation was as ever that there was no majority community but that the Maronite (please note that does not include other Roman Catholics, Orthodox, or any other form) Christian community were the largest of the minorities, Sunni's next, followed by Shia then Druz, then down to the ignored, like other Christians, Jews etc.

The whole point of the way the Lebanon is and was set up was to balance the rights of all the minorities.

Now, as I said, I discuss what I want to discuss, if you want a platform, get a blog, and I will help.

I am sorry I have not as yet got around to considering your Europe post where it was on topic. I will get a round tuit :)