Sunday, July 01, 2007

Comment from Hassan Butt, an ex Jihadi extremist

There is an interesting piece in today's Observer written by Hassan Butt, and ex jihadi, here.

It makes interesting reading.


Anonymous said...

A decent article, but the author, Hassan Butt, does not go far enough.

He says "Muslim scholars must go back to the books and come forward with a refashioned set of rules and a revised understanding of the rights and responsibilities of Muslims whose homes and souls are firmly planted in what I'd like to term the Land of Co-existence".

This is part of the problem. As he rightly says islam ties politics and religion irrevocably together and he then asks for a removal of this tie. But he asks the wrong people, the very people who are incapable of making this split, - Muslim scholars.
It is apparent that while he realises the problem, his background prevents him from correctly focusing on the solution.

This article illustrates that the British chattering classes, and the self promoting educational establishment are strolling nonchalantly into the same catastrophic mistake and will suffer the consequences for decades to come.

Here are some comments from Egypt, voicing concerns over Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood Please remember that al-beeb employs hamas personel, at least as stringers, and al-guardian invites senior hamas members to literary festivals in the UK, where they rub shoulders with our new PM, and tell lies in interview about al-beeb prisoners in gazoo

Finally, it would seem that even the Palestinian press is pissed with the fighting

Anonymous said...

Sleep with dogs, you get fleas.

Anonymous said...

In my first post I would draw your attention to the link "Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood", and the section in the link headed "The Egyptian People Feel There is a Danger From Within".
It is important to read this section, and relate it to my link to our past idiotic PM, and the University teaching mentioned.

Finally, before I exhaust the goodwill of mine host, take a look at this article, which sets out in detail the proscribed methods for Islamic takeover of other societies.
Methods that are all too evident in todays UK society.
Methods, moreover, that are currently praised and aided by the political left PC brigade of lunatics, whom Cameroon is seeking to emulate!

Benedict White said...

Erik, memri has its own agenda, so you will forgive me if I don't believe the slant it puts on things. However what is clear is that the Egyptians have a problem in that the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated places where they should not be.

You say Muslim scholars can't deal with Islams attachment to politics yet you do not say who could.

Anonymous said...

Erik, memri has its own agenda, so you will forgive me if I don't believe the slant it puts on things.

Memri isn't putting a slant on things, they are quoting directly from Egyptian newspapers, or translating directly from the Koran, in the links provided.

Benedict, understand this:- many (relatively)benign arab administrations are shit scared of what Hamas has done, and intends to do in gazoo. They are also shit scared of AQ

Despite state suppression, particularly in Jordon and Egypt, for a long time The Muslim Brotherhood has pulled the strings in the ME, and everybody jumped. They have been responsible for the appointment of the Hamas religious/political leadership. Along comes AQ to establish its' credibility. It established ties, extensive ties with Iran, - financial/residency/training/logistics, recruitment, etc,(all the same ties it had with Iraq - saddam, before the UN/US invaded) yet superficially remains separate.

The Muslim Brotherhood sees their influence on the jihadists waning, -ergo - each has to compete to be the biggest Satan hater.

Don't forget AQ instructions to the Durnish clan - "in Iraq we would have slit his throat by now. Do not release him," - in the face of Hamas efforts to release him. - and AQ infiltration of the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

Benedict, it is a very foolish man who disregards valuable source material. Butt has a very unsavoury past, yet al-guardian, al-beeb, and presumably you, choose to believe him! Everyone has an agenda, and al-beeb and al-guardian both have an agenda that is well recognised. Many publications call them both fifth columnists. If you bother to read around, you will find that Islams agenda is world domination. Global umma. Until that is achieved, probably at the point of a sword, everyone and anyone is a legitimate target. The covenant with the UK (Abyssinia) has obviously been broken. And I'll say it again, Hamas is a UN recognised terror group, yet al-guardian and al-beeb do business with them. Regularly. Don't you think that requires some explanation? Don't you think that that must inevitably lead to a slant in their reporting that all sensible readers and commentors on these pages should take into account?

Anonymous said...

You say Muslim scholars can't deal with Islams attachment to politics yet you do not say who could.
Benedict, I don't believe you are being deliberately obtuse, therefor I am extremely worried for you.
1) It is not "an attachment" to politics. There is no separation. The two are joined at the brain. Read my link! It's like requiring a carnivore to stop eating meat. Impossible!
2)Ergo, you have your answer.

Benedict White said...

Erik, Christian theology and practice has moved on, as has Jewish theology and practice (in both cases there are some odd examples where this is not the case). Are you saying Islam can't?