Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Loose lips sink ships

So when you blog or pass on any information remember this. During the second World War there were campaigns to get people not to repeat important and vital information. After all you could be overheard and provide information which may give a German spy a clue on Allied shipping which they could pass on, resulting in ships being sunk.

In fact to give you an idea of how careful we were, Bletchley Park (who broke the Enigma codes) had worked out that Coventry was going to be bombed but as it was the only source of that information, doing anything about it would let the Germans know we had broken Enigma and would have cost far more lives.

In this day and age things are very different. When the Americans get a lead on Osama Bin Laden because they can trace his satellite phone the US press just loved publishing that, it sold a few more papers but ultimately he just turned his phone off so a valuable line of intelligence was lost.

Well, the press, presumably briefed by someone "close to the investigation" are keen to tell us exactly how the current terrorist operation was rolled up. They say that the two cars in London yielded vital intelligence to whit mobile phones ....

We have in essence told the enemy exactly what they did wrong. Do we seriously think they will not learn?

This is nothing short of treason, yet the same bunch of cretinous jerks have insisted we can't use intercept evidence because it would reveal vital information about how we do things whilst at the same time revealing vital information how we do things.


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