Friday, July 06, 2007

Inland Revenue want to grab your money

The Inland Revenue, or rather Revenue and Customs, now want to take money without a court order whilst overcharging a million people a year.

I thought the power to take money from peoples bank accounts without a corner was excessively draconian and fundamentally wrong, but then I heard that the National audit office studies show just how many mistakes it makes in over charging people tax (it undercharges as well).

The state should never have unfettered power, because it does make mistakes. The fact that the state wants it, when it is clear that they make a huge number of mistakes should really concern people. They clearly just do not get it.

The BBC has this on the amount of mistakes the Revenue makes, whilst the FT has this on the new powers the government want and reaction to it.


James Higham said...

They're not going to touch mine.

youdontknowme said...

The state has far too much power as it is. Like you say they do make mistakes which is why the government as a whole should be treated like an individual citizen who wouldn't be allowed to go into your bank account.

James Higham said...

Benedict, Blogpower is trying to decide some vital issues at this moment but only 7 or 33 members have commented. Clearly, that's no basis for a decision. Could you see spare a little time making your point of view known on the issues currently being discussed at Blogpower? James

Benedict White said...

youdontknowme, Yes the state does have to much power as it is,

Lord Straf-Dresden, regrettably if it is in a bank they can.

I did post a reply on the blog power thread but it seems to have gone :(

I will repost.

skyemaidstone said...

This is another ridiculous example of how various government agencies are given far too much power and little is done when they make huge expensive mistakes. Look at the recent CSA problems? The charge the tax payer millions to make a new computer system which doesn't work. No one gets their payments properly and their answer is to say "Sorry we will sort this out in 5 years". I don't think a change in government will help this either.

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