Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Need for Discipline

I have read with horror over the past few days, a number of attacks on the party leadership, made in the most public and damaging ways which seem to almost guarantee another election defeat.

We have had all sorts of people popping out of the woodwork the latest two fo which are Maurice Saatchi and Ali Miraj.

Firstly voters do not like a divided party, secondly morale is important in a party, and sniping from behind at the leadership does not help morale.


CROWN said...

Call me controversial but I think it helps. Every lame snipe helps DC stand up and restate the repositioning of the party. It highlights the old Tories and contrasts them with the 'new' tories.

Anyone with half a brain can see that the tories have gone from the perceived 'nasty' party to a party that you can admit to your friends that you support.

Benedict White said...

Crown, It depends on how it is reported and what the story becomes.

If it is Cameron defeats critics fine, otherwise it could be a problem.