Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is the news border control force just spin and gimmicks?

Gordon Brown announced that there would be a new border control force, which would have been the adoption of Conservative (and also Liberal Democrat) policy, that Labour have to date argued against.

It looks like a U turn, but in fact isn't really because the reality is that immigration, customs and visa staff will just hang out together in similar uniforms rather than a single coordinated force including police powers and coordinating with all agencies.

In short, looks good, probably won't achieve much.

The BBC has this.


Anonymous said...

My comment here holds true

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, You don't like politicians then?

Anonymous said...

Told you he is crap

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, You don't like politicians then?
They are lower than the oldest profession.
Gimme a good reason to think otherwise, and don't lie 'cos I'll know.
Name an honest one, and prove it.

Anonymous said...

Don't give it all away.
Not like the current political flotsum (he's back)
Take a look at his appointments why don't'cha?
Craps not in it.