Friday, July 20, 2007

Sedgefield by-election Result, Labour hold

Party Candidate Votes %

English Democrats Stephen Gash 177 0.63

Independent Paul Gittins 1885 6.74

Christian Tim Grainger 177 0.63

Green Chris Haine 348 1.24

Monster Raving Loony Alan Hope 147 0.53

UK Independence Toby Horton 536 1.92

Conservative Graham Robb 4082 14.59

Anti Crime Norman Scarth 34 0.12

British National Party Andrew Spence 2494 8.91

Liberal Democrats Greg Stone 5573 19.92

Labour Phil Wilson 12528 44.77


Total Votes Cast

Well, the Liberal Democrats did not do that well, but the did put us in to third place.

The BNP slow hand clapped Phil Wilson which is the sort of rum behaviour I expect of the Liberal Democrats.


Anonymous said...

spot on with the Labour share!!

Some mistake surely,about the Tories - They were in second last time and have just heard your man Schapp at ES say the third place party always gets squeezed in by elections

Anonymous said...

I've been grateful for your sensible and balanced comments tonite. They make a welcome contrast to some of the more hysterical posters on this and other sites.

It isn't in all honesty the Conservative Party's greatest night but as long as it has people like you working for it, it will be alright.

Warm regards