Monday, July 09, 2007

Ealing Southall, Labour to come third or worse!

Yes, Mike Smithson, political punter extraordinaire, and author of "The Political Punter" has read the runes and issued this challenge:

What odds will someone offer me on this proposition - Labour not to make the top two
in Ealing Southall. I’m prepared to bet £100

My reasoning being that these defections will cost Labour 1000s of voted.

Who’ll take me on?

As yet there appear to be no takers, i certainly won't. If Mike is prepared to put that kind of money on the line, then the odds of it happening have got to be better that 2-1.

If that were to happen Tom Watson and Keith Vaz would not be allowed near a by-election again and Gordon Brown's honeymoon would be well and truly over.

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