Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gordon Brown's 4th Prime Ministers Questions

Well, this is Gordon Brown's 4th Prime Ministers Questions and the last before the summer recess.

So far on the floods, there seems to be some consensus on the floods, though David Cameron has raised the question of funding for local councils to cover flood relief.

However it has been fairly consensual on the floods.

Some MP's seem to be needling Gordon Brown for not getting his feet wet in the floods, preferring to stay in the air or at control centers.

In David Cameron's second round of questions he raised the question of the EU Constitution. Apparently the Spanish Foreign minister says the treaty is 98% of the treaty whilst the Irish Prime Minister says it is 90%. How much does Gordon Brown think it is? Unsurprisingly Gordon Brown has not given a percentage.

Interesting trading quotes from each others sides, though Gordon Brown did have a good last word, not answering the question but putting the line that the Conservatives have gone back to "the old agenda".

In answer to a Liberal Democrat question on military overstretch he said he would provide all the equipment that the armed services need in Afghanistan. We have had this promise before, and it still has not been met!

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Anonymous said...

We have had this promise from both Blair and Brown repeatedly over the last few years and yet the situation and warnings seem to be getting more frequent and dire.
When is someone going to come out and say that, and when are the media going to realise just how serious a mess we are in?

Anonymous said...

You're pissing in the wind.
All politicians, whatever the shade, are lying bastards.
"How do you know when a politician is lying?"
"When his lips are moving!"

Benedict White said...

ChrisD, yes there have been many warnings about flooding, yet not much appears to have been done.

That said I am not sure how effective anything would be other than not buidling on flood plains close to rivers.