Sunday, July 29, 2007

Flood Defence Budget cut 15% in real terms since 2000

There is an article in today's News of the World titled "Floody Joke" which points out that in the last 10 years this government has ignored 25 reports that flood defences need to be improved.

It also points out that John Prescott highlighted the need to tackle the problem of flood defences in 2000, yet we hear similar from Hilary Benn some 7 years later with nothing having been done in the meantime.

One of the consistent lessons highlighted has also been the need for a single point of responsibility. That should, it is said, be the Environment agency, yet this still has not been done and won't be for some time yet despite the fact that it is a recommendation from as long ago as 10 years!

Now, what we need to do is to make sure this is the story, the government ignoring what needs to be done, and Gordon Brown not providing the funds.


James Higham said...

No immediate votes in it per unit cost.

Anonymous said...

I knew Prezza was really old, but didn't know he was around in 200. It just seems Labour have been in power that long...???


Benedict White said...

Lord Straf-Bollinger, Interesting comment. There may not have been then but I suspect there are now.

Maggie Thatcher fan, Corrected :)