Sunday, July 22, 2007

Brown Bounce long lasting?

When I watched BBC news 24's Saturday night paper review, for the Sunday Papers they quoted a couple of polls, one in the Sunday Times* that puts Labour in 40% and the Conservatives on 33 and one in the Observer that puts Labour on 41% and the Conservatives on 35% giving a 7 and 6% lead respectively.

This, two weeks after Gordon Brown's take over is "long lasting"? Well that is what the BBC said. I know that Gordon may be boring and two weeks with him as leader may seem like a long time, but this is ridiculous.

If it goes on for 3 months, I will be impressed, but it still wont be a long lasting bounce.

* I have as yet not got a link to that poll.


Anonymous said...

Told you he was CRAP

Stonch said...

In my opinion - six months would be long lasting. Two months would be short.

A bounce of only two weeks would be but a blip.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, bizarrely I have covered that elsewhere.

Stonch, so you agree that to currently describe the Brown Bounce as long lasting is rubbish? I am pleased to hear it.

Perhaps we should write to the BBC?

Anonymous said...

I made a couple of posts on the earlier thread on today on some appalling reporting on sky, I still can't believe they got away with presenting it as fact.