Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The one interesting reform

The one interesting reform that Gordon Brown has proposed is that the executive be stripped of the power to recall Parliament and it be given away.

In earlier times, or rather pre Blair times this was a non issue because Parliament was recalled when there was a clamour for it. During the war in the Lebanon this was not the case, nor (if I remember correctly) during the foot and mouth crisis.

It therefore seems a good idea to change the power just in case we elect another president by mistake, after all we are a Monarchy.


Anonymous said...

Any idea how this would operate? Who would decide if it was not down to the PM?

Hard to see how Parliament could decide to recall itself, if it wasn't sitting. Might it then happen that they would meet, have a vote and decide to all go home again?

Would it mean that the opposition could decide to turn up whenever they wanted?

Benedict White said...

Timothy, it is a good idea, but the mechanics are the problem as you rightly identify. I have no idea, and I will see what they come up with.

However it may just be ditched, it is after all one of the good proposals.