Friday, March 23, 2007

Bob Woolmer's murder

I was very sorry to hear that Bob Woolmer, former Kent and England player, world class coach and indeed coach of Pakistan died. I was also surprised to hear Pakistan got beaten by Ireland.

I was doubly shocked to hear that it looks like he had been murdered. This is obviously a difficult time for his family. I am sure we all send our condolences.

However what irritated me was the news coverage on BBC News 24 when I got home last night. Clearly this is big news. However, I got home about midnight, and by the time I had gone to bed I don't recall having heard any other news at all. Nothing on the budget, Iraq, the Middle East, any murders that may have happened in the UK, and no newspaper review.

Surely there is only so much speculation you can do about this murder? Surely with a 24 hour rolling news program you can fit in other stories?

Well, thank goodness for the web. At least you can find out what else is going on there!

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