Friday, March 02, 2007

The Impact of New Media

The Adam Smith Institute (as in the free market think tank named after the author of the Wealth of nations, rather than the Sith Institute) has an event organised for Monday March the 5th, in London, with Stephan Shakespeare (founder of 18 Doughty Street) and Fraser Nelson (Political Editor of The Spectator) as speakers.

Should be good. I will be there. If you are wondering who I am, I will be the twit charming man with the beard and ponytail. Possibly handing out business cards as well as cards with my blog address on it as I am as always a shameless self publicist!

Update 21:23

I forgot to add, for more details see here.


Anonymous said...

I shall look out for you. You have the advantage over me, so do please introduce yourself.

Benedict White said...

Elle, Yes I will.
(That is assuming I both see you and indeed make it!)