Thursday, March 22, 2007

Budget bombshell, Defence spending has been cut!

Many thanks to Elliot who in my previous article provided this link to a very useful piece of work that he has done on the defence spending promise.

If you recall from the budget, Joseph Stalin Gordon Brown announced a £400 Million increase in defence spending. Well according to Elliot if you actually look at the numbers last years numbers for defence were £40.8 billion total, this years budget for defence was going to be £40.4 billion, so add the extra £400 million and you get last years numbers, a real terms decrease in spending of £800 million.

So let us get this straight. Our boys are fighting on two fronts in a major way and deployed over the world and yet they get this kick in the teeth.

Of course the Sun are just too daft to spot this cut or else they would be up in arms. However they just have this daft sycophantic editorial here.


The Deplorable Old Bulldog said...

How on earth, at the brink of WW2 could one of the last civilized places on earth reduce defense spending???????

Build 4 new carriers you guys, and all the other new ships to support're going to need them soon.

Benedict White said...

Do you mean WW3? We could always be on the brink of WW3, and so you are right, we need the kit.

That said in politics we could argue about the likely hood of war etc.

What I object to is a real terms cut in defense spending whilst we are fighting wars! Seems a shade nuts to me!