Friday, March 23, 2007

How our returning soldiers should be treated

Whether you agree with the Iraq or Afghanistan conflicts, our soldiers fight for us, and are prepared to die for us. This surely is how they should be treated when they get home, not left lying in their own excrement in an NHS hospital with people popping by to tell them how bad they are.

Yes I know it is a commercial, but the point still stands.

Hat tip to Iain Dale, who also has it here.


The Deplorable Old Bulldog said...

Well said.

Good blog, linking you into an Iowa (USA) political blog.

Are we waiting for the Iranians to nuke Israel, London or New York before we step down much harder?

Benedict White said...

Many thanks, As for the Iranians, that has to be a bit of a subtle game.

It would help if your current administration (and mine) had assessed Iraq and resourced it properly before invading Iraq. (See here:

Because that would have saved a lot of blood and treasure, and made military threats much more credible, whilst they could have been kept low key.

What to do about Iran is a very tricky question. making Iraq work, and under the Powell doctrine it could have would have been a massive help.

Anonymous said...

would that some organisation would promote a similar advert on ITV- its probably against EU rules though

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, Yes it would be good if some one did wouldn't it?