Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lenin on Gordon Brown

Before Vladimir Lenin died he became increasing concerned about Brown's Stalin's character and wrote a testament in which he suggested that he be removed. "Comrade Brown Stalin, having become General Secretary, has concentrated enormous power in his hands: and I am not sure that he always knows how to use that power with sufficient caution. I therefore propose to our comrades to consider a means of removing Brown Stalin from this post and appointing someone else who differs from Brown Stalin in one weighty respect: being more tolerant, more loyal, more polite, more considerate of his comrades."

You have been warned!

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Image originally by the Spine, Via Dizzy thinks.

For more on Comrade Brown Stalin see here.


No PC said...

Mr Brown is allegedly not really put out by this comparison, and in fact Charlie Whelan, his old spin doctor, thought it could be determined as a form of praise for a “strong .. ruthless .. and determined" leader.

Interestingly the US Ambassador to the USSR in 1941 described Germany and the USSR with the terms “Both are strong and ruthless in their methods” (Joseph Davies - Journal entry, July 7, 1941).

Why any democratic politician would wish to be associated with Stalin is a mystery to me, the fact that they can all laugh and revel in it is shameful.

Benedict White said...

Life in the Northwest, Yep I'd agree with that. I would not want to be associated with Stalin!

Anonymous said...

Aren't these smears on Brown you obsessively parrot just totally childish, showing you up as the cretin we all know you are? Just stop doing this blog - you really are making a TIT of yourself. You're obviously very poorly educated, and more than a bit thick.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, Thank you for your kind words.

Astro turfers? I am honoured!

I would stop this blog, but so many people read it, and I would not want to disappoint!