Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What was that Newsnight big story?

Well, on Newsnights website there was a strange comment about what their lead story would be (see here). It said:


I'm afraid we can't yet give you any details about the story we're leading the programme with tonight but it's a shocking story and it's well worth tuning in for.

Well, I was going to watch it any way, but it did arouse my interest!

Its about police brutality,

A black woman was pinned down by several police men and beaten by one when she appeared to be in no position to resist.

It is a reminiscent of that Rodney King incident.


Update 22:45

Having just watched the relevant part of the program, maybe not.

Firstly the officer concerned was clear that he used all the force at his disposal because the woman was not only resisting arrest, but as far as he could tell, trying to grab his genitals and bite.

His blows, he says were aimed at deadening her arm to reduce her resistance to being cuffed. had he been hitting her in the face there would have been much facial damage.

The only problem is that the woman is apparently an epileptic and subject to fits, which may explain her behavior. Difficult circumstances.

Update 01:36

You can see the Guardian's footage here, and read its take on it here, here comment here and a leader here.


Anonymous said...

All I could think was, "that might have been Ruth Turner".

Anonymous said...

If, instead of trying to bite his gonads, she had offered to take a table at the policeman's charity ball, all would have been well.

Pissed and aggressive is always a bad way to start one's negotiations with the law.

Anonymous said...

I saw the footage on Newsnight as well. If she was so violent why did the three other officers not attempt to subdue her as well?

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, I am not quite sure how you meant that.

idle, Yes pissed an aggressive does not a good relationship with the law make. That said I do think there could be more awareness of issues like epilepsy.

qaqwex, Well I have now added a link to the footage. It looked to me like the others had hold of other appendages.

It is a difficult one, and it may well be a good idea for the IPCC to look into it.

Anonymous said...

The Guardian leader and opinion writers will get in a tremendous tizzy about this, but it will be interesting to see how their readers respond on CiF. My guess is that they will be rather more relaxed about this sordid little scuffle. The BBC, of course, will give the story great prominence.

Benedict White said...

Trumpeter Lanfried, They are all it seems in a tizzy, and whilst I am sure it would be a good idea for the IPCC to have a look at this one, I am not sure anyone should be in a tizzy over it.

There are questions to be asked, like for example how should police be trained to deal with pottential epileptics.

Alas I don't read CiF much. Is it any good?