Monday, March 05, 2007

Lib Dem Suicide note in the press!

I posted this on this subject here, and discussed how bad it would be for the Liberal Democrats to look like they would prop up Labour.

It does not matter, unfortunately, what was said or what was meant, but what the perception is. The Liberal Democrats do have form for cosying up to Labour particularly under Paddy Ashdown.

Well, Monday's press won't help to downplay the impression!

The Guardian has this, making it clear there will be no deal with the Conservatives, but could well be with Gordon Brown's Labour.

Monday's Daily Telegraph has this, saying Ming Campbell is ready to make a deal with Labour after the election.

The Times has this, which also makes it clear they are talking about a post election situation.

Whilst ITN bills it as Campbell hints at Labour Coalition.

It is perceptions that matter, and the perception that the Liberal Democrats will prop up Labour will cost them votes, and in spades.

Hat tip to Witan on for the links.

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