Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cash for Peerages, BBC Injunction lifted!

The injunction against the BBC barring it from reporting on the document written by Ruth Turner to Jonathan Powell about Lord Levy has been lifted.

The BBC has this here.

However it does not tell us much that we did not already know other than that the BBC has not actually seen the original document.

suspicion leading to those famous arrests for perverting the course of justice and Apparently Ruth Turner thinks Lord Levy expressed a version of events she believed to be untrue. In an of itself it does not tell us much as two people can have differing recollections of a series of events. It happens. Not enough to charge but more than enough to raise reasonableconspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

For more on the cash for peerages scandal see here.


Anonymous said...

I think the time has come for charges to be made if they are going to, it's the only way that the media can be restrained in its reporting on this, even if it is just a holding charge.

Anonymous said...

Politically, if not forensically, I think the BBC story is dynamite (and it's hard not to have some sympathy for them over the way their thunder has been dampened if not stolen by the injunction). Surely the key point in the BBC story, but not in this morning's Guardian, concern's the PM: according to the BBC, RT did not just express concern about what LL said to her, but she believed the prime minister should be told about it. This puts some rather pointed questions into the public mind about the PM's part in all this: was he in fact "told about it"? if so, what did he do about it? and if not, why not?

Benedict White said...

Ellee, You make a fair point, however the police also need to be careful as well.

Anonymous, you make a good point. There is much more of a political angle to this than forensic one, at least as far as we know. (After all the document may contain something very specific).

I wonder what sort of backlash will happen afterwards.