Thursday, March 01, 2007

Illegal Immigration, Police not interested

It seems that is the view of NCP, the UK's largest provider of traffic wardens, giving evidence to MP's.

You can read the BBC report here.

This won't be news to long time readers of this blog, as I posted this article back in October of last year.

The real problem is not that the police are not interested, they are, but they are almost always told to release illegal immigrants by immigration staff who do not seem to have the staff to deal with them. So they are released on bail, even if they have previously absconded.

It also appears that their are parts of some cities in which illegal immigrants congregate and find easy access to false documents. Now there is a surprise!

NCP executive Gordon McLardy then goes on to sing the praises of biometric ID to solve the problem of illegal working. Is he a Labour donor? You do have to ask!

There is no great problem for scrupulous employers to identify illegal immigrants and there are clear guidelines set out which show what documents to look for. It would help though if the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) didn't hand out national Insurance Numbers to people it knew were illegal immigrants as this would provide a great help. (They were shown to have handed out 3,300 in 2004/ to people THEY knew were illegal immigrants, see here.)

McLardy also laughably suggests some sort of database to solve the problem. It won't.

The fact is that illegal immigrants get work because there are unscrupulous employers about, some of them illegal themselves who are not interested in the law. Burdening scrupulous employers with more red tape won't help when the Immigration and Nationality directorate appear uninterested in doing anything about illegal immigrants who have already been caught.

I will have more on illegal working in the Dome later.

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Anonymous said...

Monday, March 31, 2009


Dear Fellow Americans,

It is imperative that we do something concrete regarding our “bleeding borders.” Businesses that have an enlightened interest in employing the “cheap labor” of illegal immigrants from Mexico, like corporate farmers in California and elsewhere in our land, are too much blinded by their short-term profit-making objectives to understand the greater long-term dangers we face, such as importation of drugs across our borders and criminal activity by illegal immigrants on a rampage “to make a living.” And if “to our shame,” we declare to “have a need” for “illegal immigrants” to perform work that Americans themselves, will not, such as picking strawberries and watermelons in California, then let there be appropriate legislation to grant work permits to law-abiding workers, before they, even out of desperation, entertain crossing the border illegally. Are these “illegal immigrants” really performing only “jobs Americans don’t want?” How about American workers whose regular jobs went to “illegal immigrants” hired at a lower wage!

THE AMERICAN LANDMASS IS NOT LIMITLESS. Our population is already 300 million. The United States of America is bounded, in the North, by Canada; in the South, by Mexico; in the East, by the Atlantic Ocean; and in the West, by the Pacific Ocean. America cannot hold the world’s population within its borders; it’s too small for that. Though we are “a nation of immigrants,” we cannot continue to absorb illegal immigrants just because they are motivated by the need to improve their economic condition. Let’s not flatter ourselves to the point of foolish impracticability! They could prosper in their own nation, were the social conditions there, conducive to lawfully acquired domestic good fortune. We, ourselves, must have appropriate legislation to respectively assist those already working here in remaining law-abiding residents, with options of legal residency, as well as the opportunity to apply for American citizenship in due time. But the borders must be sealed permanently, except for legal activity as necessitated by trade and commerce. Border security personnel have discovered that even vehicles that are allowed to enter the United States legally, from Mexico, carry illicit drugs camouflaged within the legal cargo, for example, bales of marijuana hidden within tomato boxes.

In the mean time, we must continue to attend to the border that separates the United States from Mexico. The wall must be completed, and then must remain guarded. This is not xenophobia; this is a matter of national security and common sense realization that our geographical resources are not unlimited. Land is yearly set aside for residential development, agricultural farming, industrial and business building projects, government or public structures etc… Human beings must have space to carry out their activities of daily national living, be it residential, business, industrial, non-profit, or public space. But land-space is a limited resource confronting every nation. For example, Mexico itself, carefully watches over its Southern border with Central America. We do have legal borders. And each nation has a constructive interest in protecting entry to its land-mass, as well as providing legal means by which non-citizens can access land within its borders. We even devise legal means to protect our air-space above the limited land-mass.

The solution to illegal immigration is four-fold. We must,

1) Lawfully protect our borders from illegal intrusion, illegal assault, illegal invasion and illegal entry, on the South and on the North, on the East and on the West:

a. by finishing erection of the Southern wall between the United States and Mexico that we already began; and
b. by legally guarding its extended expanse, between Mexico and the United States.
c. We must also remain vigilant in overseeing and guarding our borders with Canada, not forgetting the work of the Coast Guard on the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines that are “routes of choice” for maritime drug smugglers.

2) Assist Mexico and other nations in developing elected, representative governments to become democratic republics, so that their citizens will benefit from a lawful and free environment that will allow them to prosper within their own borders, by their own domestic economic activities, and from their own creative capacities for discovery, invention, and productivity.

3) Help nations from which the greater number of illegal immigrants originate, develop legislative approaches to their domestic and social problems, in order to prevent the emergence of “refugees” seeking political asylum, and in order to facilitate the establishment of free market principles regarding production structures, commercial institutions, trade organizations, financial mechanisms, fiscal instruments and monetary policies.

4) Engage these nations in an open, international manner, through constructive policy contributions by the American citizenry, resulting in agreed-upon treaties with the advice and consent of the Senate.

In sum, the federal government of the United States of America cannot continue to “muddle through” the illegal immigration problem. Every administration for the past thirty years, since “the Mariana Boat Lifts,” has had ample time to face this issue in a lawful, constructive way that would protect our genuine interests in resolving this problem in a just manner that secures our human and civil rights, as well as the human and civil rights of potentially adversarial parties who would challenge us in this matter to their own disadvantage. For, every nation fiercely guards and protects its own borders as a matter of right. And all nations are expected to unquestionably do so. Therefore, none of their nationals would qualify in imputing blame or guilt to us, for desiring to lawfully do so ourselves. It is a matter of national sovereignty and civil national defense.

For, if we do not reckon with this problem now, it will blow up in our faces as a national crisis, in the same manner that Congressional escape from legislative responsibility regarding slavery resulted in a Civil War that cost thousands of lives, including the life of our beloved President Abraham Lincoln. In addition, we remember that American military forces did have to invade Mexico before, in order to deal with border excursions of “Pancho Villa” and acts of invasive vandalism by his band of mercenaries. God forbid we should wait for a national crisis to react in that manner! Yet Americans have an inalienable constitutional right to act in prevention of a foreboding disaster, due to Congressional dereliction of duty in the face of a real dilemma “crying out” for a proper resolution. For, national crises tend to lead to rash actions rooted in panic. But preparedness tends to lead to legal actions that proceed from reasoned judgment anchored in the spirit and letter of law.

God bless you and God bless the United States of America in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Leo Emmanuel Lochard
BA, MA, Certified Teacher
State of Illinois
United States of America