Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cash for Peerages, Lord Levy at nomination meetings

Today's Daily Mail carries two interesting stories in the cash for peerages affair.

In this article, the Daily Mail clearly states that Lord levy was at meetings which discussed nominations for peerages and other honours , and lobbied for people he thought should get peerages.

Now, that in and of itself is not actually a breech of the 1925 Honours, Prevention of Abuses act, because giving peerages because people have donated money to the party is not illegal. It would be illegal if a bargain had been struck, but this revelation does not add anything to that.

What might however, is if people questioned by the police had not been full and frank in their answers, and indeed tried to hide the involvement of Lord Levy. I do stress though that you DO NOT have to answer questions that are not asked.

It would be really quite funny and sad at the same time if someone went down for trying to cover up their part in something that whilst not politically acceptable was legal, perverting the course of justice along the way.

The other article the Mail carries is this one. It seems Sir Ian Blair, the gibbering idiot some clearly still see fit to hold any public office , sat at the same table at a large dinner and indeed conversed afterwards with a person suspected of a criminal offence, who is on police bail, Lord Levy. Dr John Reid, the clearly incompetent Home Secretary was at the same table, but not governed by police rules forbidding such contact.

It is shocking indeed that Sir Ian Blair seems to either not not or not care to obey the rules by which his subordinates must live. I doubt that will inspire much confidence in his force.

I have said before that Sir Ian Blair should resign. I suspect more calls will follow.


Anonymous said...

Have a read from The Spectator and Nelson Fraser

Benedict White said...

Dapper Dan, Many thanks for the tip, I'll look it up when I get a moment.