Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Voting Fraud, you can help stamp it out

I have written about voting fraud before here. I don't like any form of voting where the voter does not turn up at the polling station because of the potential for fraud and intimidation.

On top of that postal voting seems fraught with with opportunities to steal peoples votes. I do not believe enough has been done to combat this. We will have election monitors from Poland to see oversee our elections. Ridiculous.

While this is happening the government ploughs on regardless with other ways of voting potentially open to fraud such as telephone and Internet voting, all in the name of increasing voter turnout. Not enough thought has been given to the vast increase in the potential for fraud.

Electronic voting will be carried out in Rushmoor, Sheffield, Shrewsbury & Atcham, South Bucks and Swindon.

Electronic counting will be piloted in: Bedford, Breckland, Dover, South Bucks, Stratford-on-Avon District Council and Warwick District Council.

If you live in these areas you can help. The Open Rights Group is looking for volunteer election monitors. You can learn more here and sign up to help here.

Lets keep our elections democratic!


James Higham said...

Wouldn't volunteer election monitors also be open to fraud?

Benedict White said...

Well James, they are there to observe. Nothing more nothing less.

If they see wrong doing they will report on it.

Anonymous said...

I just remember election day 2005 and being annoyed that some people turned up to exercise their right to vote only to find that "someone" had voted by post in their name!

Benedict White said...

ChrisD, I wonder if you have any more detail on that?

Anonymous said...

Benedict, I don't have any links to this. It was highlighted on the TV coverage on election day.

Benedict White said...

Ah I see, Chris. I thought you had et people that this had happened to.

Anonymous said...

I am leaving a comment because it is all over for everyone now. Voting fraud is much more widespread than previously imaginable and it is only in the next year that things will really come out about these elections. I'm sorry to say that Cameron is part of the problem, not the solution and will not be anywhere near Number 10 when it comes out. I supported him in the beginning but realised when I did my own campaigning for him last year that there is some really nasty stuff about to hit the fan.

The world will never be the same again. We have all been warned.