Monday, March 12, 2007

Cash for Peerages, More on that BBC injunction

Well, according to BBC Radio 4's 6 o'clock news, the BBC has now been allowed to report the reasons for the injunction.

The BBC story is here. It is serious stuff.

According to it, Ruth Turner's document did in effect accuse Lord Levy of trying to get her to lie. I wonder if Bindman partners, Lord Levy's lawyers will be issuing an injunction against the Sunday Times. If they don't then some of us may draw adverse conclusions. (If Bindman Partners want to email me a statement on Lord Levy's behalf I will publish it).

Strong stuff indeed.

However the Met, and therefore presumably Yates of the Yard sought the injunction as they wanted to question Ruth Turner, John McTernan, and did wanted to retain the element of surprise.

That leads to the question how long has the Yard had the document, and if they only just got it, how did the BBC find out? If they had it for a while why not question sooner?

I also suspect that Yates of the Yard would have also wanted to question Lord Levy and Johnathan Powell again, but then maybe not.

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