Monday, March 19, 2007

Turnbull slams Brown as Stalinist

According to this article in the Financial Times, Lord Turnbull, former Chief Permanent Secretary to the treasury and then Cabinet Secretary slams Gordon Brown for being Stalinist, of having a “very cynical view of mankind and his colleagues”, and in essence forming government policy himself to the point that if you want something done, you don't ask the minister concerned, but the Treasury.

He went on: “He cannot allow them any serious discussion about priorities. His view is that it is just not worth it and ‘they will get what I decide’. And that is a very insulting process,” Lord Turnbull said. “The chancellor has a Macavity quality. He is not there when there is dirty work to be done.” Ouch!

Not Gordon Brown's week is it? Next week isn't looking good either. You do have to wonder if the knives are not sharpening for Gordon.

Update 09:46

In error I described Lord Turnbull as former Chief Secretary, he was not, the title is permanent secretary.

Also according to BBC Radio 4's Today program Lord Turnbull claims he was speaking off the record.


Anonymous said...

A silly comment, regurgitated by a foolish blogger.

Anonymous said...

By the way, if you're planning to start stalking me using the IP you've logged with your statcounter because I left an unflattering comment - don't bother. It just highlights that you don't get any hits.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Gordomong 12.17 - bad day ahead at the office?

Well, it is going to get worse. Gordon still has to answer questions on the Labour Party funding issues around Levy. Specifically - what did he know, and when did he know it?

Benedict White said...

Marquee Mark, Gordon seems to be having a very bad week this week!