Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cash for Peerages, Turner accuses Levy

Well, it has all blown up again! I though the injunction might hold for a couple of days like maybe till tomorrow when I was not on a jolly in London, but oh no, The Guardian and BBC now seem to be reporting much more detail.

Reading between the lines of the Guardian report here, and the BBC report here, it looks like there was an email from Ruth Turner to Jonathan Powell which has made the Guardian suggest that Lord Levy tried to get Ruth to present a certain set of evidence to the police which she might not have done otherwise, allegedly.

So there we have it. There may, or (after all the Attorney General, who has granted a limited lifting of the injunction, has refused to confirm that the injunction was about anything at all) may not have been an email (or possibly it was a memo or not as the case may be) from Ruth to Jonathan with Lord Levy's sticky fingers on it.

You can see why the Met are looking at conspiracy to pervert the course of justice now can't you?

The question is what can be proved in court, and surely the Met have already had words with Lord Levy about this. Lord Levy of course denies any wrong doing, and unless he is charged one should be careful not to besmirch his name (if indeed that is still possible).

I was having a conversation with a media lawyer earlier, and we both agreed that if charges had not been laid then the Attorney General should not have got his injunction, unless it was under a common law ruling from 1983, which could grant an injunction if charges were imminent.

All I can say is that I hope passport control is up to speed on flights to Tel Aviv.

Hat tip to an Anonymous comment for the Guardian link.


Anonymous said...

The latest line is, Ruthie wrote but did not send the e-mail. That little twist in the story could surely only have come from Downing Street. But no, we are told they don't do leaks. Hmmm. As my young daughter used to say, "Chin rub, chin rub."

Anonymous said...

Passport Control up to speed! Levy is our Special Envoy to the Middle-East thank you very much.

What exactly is Levy's dual citizenship/passport status as regards an eventual confiscation of his UK passport and what exactly is the role of his son is Israeli military planning. With the Iran situation heating up it seems our Lider may still have an interest to have a direct and personal line to a top Israeli military strategist.

It stinks.