Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cash for Access, A new sleaze storm brewing?

The Sundays Times has being carrying out an investigation into "Cash for Access" for two months according to this report today. In it the Sunday Times claims it has uncovered close access between lobbying firm Golden Arrow Communications employs a former Labour minister David Jamieson.

This is to some extent reminiscent of the cash for access scandals at the end of the 1992-1997 parliament. However this report will come as no surprise to regular readers of Private Eye who are already very aware of the revolving door between Whitehall and private firms for both ministers and civil servants, frequently avoiding the scrutiny of the committees set up to avoid accusations of impropriety.

The problem is of course that lobbying companies can get better access to decision makers than ordinary members of the public which makes their services valuable. That obviously causes public concern.


Ted said...

Benedict, On the Pb rumour stuff. According to the Mail it was put about by Mo Mowlam as Gordon had turned her down.

Benedict White said...

Many thanks Ted, I also came across that but was not actually looking for what was in the MSM.

ultimately speaking the rumour is rubbish!