Sunday, April 22, 2007

After more smears Miliband throws in the towel

David Miliband has been smeared before over adoption and faced a potential new smear over a hypothetical new adoption. Then in Yesterdays Daily Mail he faced yet another attack over avoiding inheritance tax on his parents home which is now estimated to be worth £1.5 million. (It is amusing that his father was against property ownership!)

Of course David has denied all the allegations against him. It is however clear that he has enemies who are prepared to hit well below the belt. I suppose that is politics.

He has however now made it clear that not only will he not stand, but he will vote for Gordon Brown even if Labour take a drubbing in May's elections. (See this in the Observer and this by David Miliband himself which I will Fisk a bit later.)

So that is that then. I thought my tenner was so safe in fact, I upped it to a score!


Anonymous said...

From Sunday's Telegraph:

Revealed: birth of plot to sell access to Blair
"Secret long-term strategy by Labour to lure and reward major party donors is exposed."

Oh, you think maybe Blair didn't know about this, being busy changing that kid's nappy an' all?

Happy, happy, happy, having a little drinkie.... but not opening the Champagne quite yet. I want this bastard nailed through the head before I pop the champers.

I told y'all that Levy wouldn't protect Slimey. Who is smarter - someone who has been flattered that he has such a great personality and so much insight into the world and beyond ... who knows? ... or someone who has, with one hand tied behind his back, managed this whole scenario?

Also, just as an aside, but Lord Levy is one hell of a lot better looking than the sleazy, cringing, scrawny tony blair.

Tony, I have two words to say to you: Woof woof!

Benedict White said...

Verity, I am aware of the Telegraph story. Fund raising for all parties works a bit like that, the only question is the involvement of government as opposed to party buildings.

After all fund raisers always have some kind of plan to maximise the amount of money they get for a given effort.

The sleaze is in using Number 10.

I had not thought of the relative attractiveness of either to be honest, but yes I am looking forward to seeing them squirm.