Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Drugs education funding to be cut?

It seems that according to this item on the BBC's website that funding for drug education in schools and amongst excluded pupils is to be cut.

Apparently government says drug use is down. Well it maybe but that is not the point. Class A drug use isn't and there are still far to many young people using drugs.

As people know to well the drug use itself is not half as big a problem to the community as the things associated with it like anti social behaviour, and leaving drug paraphernalia lying about in children's play areas. What is more continuing drug use causes crime, and log term problems for the individual. In that context this seems to be a false economy. We all know that part of the reason for people becoming involved in drugs is peer pressure. It seems to follow that if drug use is going down, we are doing something right and need to keep it going down.

We also know that our prisons are full to over bursting point with criminals with drug problems. Clearly if we are going to solve these problems more money needs to be invested in drug education and rehabilitation not less.

I suspect the real reason for the cuts is that this government is having trouble managing its budgets despite the vast increases in tax that we have had over the years.

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