Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Labour finally notice impact of immigration on the poor

Liam Byrne, immigration minister at the home office has noticed that large scale mass immigration adversly affects the poor.

How nice of him to notice and indeed say so. It is something that has been observed for a long while by those of us on the right though. Immigration is fine. The problem comes of course when it is too large in scale. The reason for this is the sudden impact it has on a lot of peoples lives. If you work to settle people, get the cooperation and acceptance of host communities and ensure that services are there for all there tends to be less of a problem.

Thing is that has not been done since 1997. Asylum seekers have been "dispersed" and for that you should read dumped, all over the place in some of the poorest parts of the country making existing problems worse whilst adding racial tension as a whole new problem. For what ever reason the resource to deal with the problems has not turned up on the ground.

However economics is frequently used as an argument for immigration. As an argument for bringing in some people with skills, yes I agree, but mass immigration to keep wages down in certain sectors just keeps the poor poor. It also tends to prop up uneconomic businesses that can't pay the staff a living wage. So instead of dealing with those issues so that they can pay a living wage, they just get in cheap Labour from elsewhere to prop them selves up. I can't see the point.

Quite a lot of the immigrants who come here are quite highly qualified, but many still end up doing menial jobs because they pay much better than what ever they did at home. Ultimately this just prices people already hear out of the market place. Particularly those who are entitled to benefits.

The Times has this.

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