Saturday, April 07, 2007

Iran Hostage Crisis, it is all propaganda!

Apparently its is all propaganda, stage managed and a propaganda trick.

Well according to the Iranian government.

Well it has to be said they are spot on there, the only thing is that I suspect most people will know which government has had most opportunity to influence our personnel and which government has used the publicity to theatrical effect.

I don't think there are many sane people in the UK who think the Iranian government is the more honest on this issue.

The BBC has this.

For more on the Iran crisis see here.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure any sane person would think either government is honest. Does it matter? Britain died when those sailors and marines sucked up to Ahmadinejad - and when the RN sent them on compassionate leave, rather than to court martial. Nelson is spinning in his brandy in the crypt at St Pauls.

Benedict White said...

Interesting points Tom. I have to say I do wonder how Nelson would have dealt with the returning crew.

As for believability I just meant with reference to how long we had to coerce them!

Anonymous said...

I would have thought a "Tom Paine" would have more sympathy for the common man. We are not at war with Iran. Would you risk dangling at the end of a crane in Tehran on behalf of a government that is more than likely to negotiate a compromise with Iran some time in the future?

The Deplorable Old Bulldog said...

Everyone in the UK should be required to watch "Bridge Over the River Kwai" weekly until they understand what soldiers at war do when under pressure to collaberate with the enemy.

Not exactly the spirit Nelson showed in dashing into Copenhagen Harbor, was it?

Benedict White said...

The Real Sporer, I'd like to disagree with you but alas I can't.

Not only that they could read regimental history. I can't believe those captured had, because if they had there is no way they would have done that.